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    Rasa diagnosis and treatment center

    Rasa Diagnostic Center is a specialized cancer treatment center and the largest and most equipped cancer diagnosis and treatment center in Iran which is located on two levels in Isfahan Shahrak Salamat zone in a space of 12,000 square meters. This center, in addition to compensate the shortage of radiation therapy of Esfahan, tries to make the possibility for patients from other provinces and even neighboring countries to receive their required treatment facilities.

    In order to equipping and completion of the center, five radiation therapy devices and one Cyber-Knife device for brachy-therapy are added to the center. Also, with the purpose of expansion the nuclear medicine section, it will be equipped with a Spect device and a Pet scan device which all needed licenses have been received and in a very near future are ready to use. Beside all, due to preparation of special infrastructure and location, a new Selectron device will installed and operated in the nuclear medicine department in the near future.

    Our specialties

    Rasa medical center services

    Benefiting of the best oncology and radiotherapy specialists as well as best medical physics engineers beside utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date radiation therapy and imaging devices in a various specialized departments located in wide and unique architecture, make Rasa Center distinguished from all other centers in Iran.



    Treatment design


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    A variety of anticipated treatments

    Radiation therapy department

    Patients who refer to the center for treatment, in addition to the supervision of the oncology specialist, the specialist doctors of the clinic will also be placed in the treatment process to follow up and help make the treatment as effective as possible.

    • 3D adaptive therapy with MLC

    • Treatment with controlled intensity radiation

    • Image-guided radiation therapy

    • Treatment with substances that intensify the effect of radiation at the tumor site

    • Treatment of small tumors in the brain area

    • Treatment of the entire body skin with electron beams in order to treat skin cancer

    Treatment Methods

    Details of devices and methods

    The Rasa Diagnosis and Treatment Center is ready to serve dear patients using advanced equipment and professional specialists.



    Digital Radiology


    CT scan

    Mammography is an advanced and common method for examining the breast tissue and early detection of breast cancer. In this method, with the help of a mammography machine, the breasts are imaged with X-rays. This test is usually performed while the patient is in a standing position.

    In this way, each breast is placed on the X-ray screen, then the compressor (another screen) puts pressure on the breast so that the tissue is smooth and provides a clear image of the breast tissue. You may feel a little pressure and discomfort, which is usually short. During the mammography process, two pictures of each breast are taken in frontal and oblique views, of course, the number and way of doing the graphs can be changed depending on the doctor’s opinion. It should be mentioned that the mammography machine available in the Rasa diagnosis and treatment center is the mammomat fusion model made by Siemens, which has the lowest dose of radiation and minimizes the patient’s pain during the x-ray and can be known as a painless mammography.

    Ultrasound is one of the methods of disease diagnosis based on ultrasound waves, which is used to examine subcutaneous tissues, internal organs and its lesions. Ultrasound is safe and painless. The patient lies on the bed and the radiologist doctor moves a device called a transducer (sonography prop) on the desired part of the body and the imaging is done. For this process, the patient needs to be dressed comfortably. According to the type of ultrasound, the patient is asked to drink water and avoid urinating so that the bladder is completely full until the start of the scan.

    Radiology is imaging of internal organs such as bones and cartilage without invasive intervention that is done with the help of X-rays. We all know the disadvantages of X-rays, but it should be mentioned that in the field of diagnosis and treatment, its advantages are more than its disadvantages. This technology allows doctors to extract information inside the patient’s body without any invasive measures. Of course, digital radiology, by removing the cassette and advanced technology of its generation, provides a better quality of graphs to the doctor.

    MRI or magnetic imaging method is one of the advanced medical imaging methods, with the help of which soft tissues such as cartilage, tendon, ligament, nerve and vein can be seen very clearly and precisely. MRA method uses a strong magnetic field instead of X-rays. This method is very safe and low risk.

    Which, of course, informs the relevant expert personnel. The process of taking this image is such that the patient sleeps on the bed of the device and is guided by the bed into a small tunnel, and during the imaging of the bed inside the tunnel, they move backwards or forwards. Loud noises may be heard during the process, which can be minimized with the help of special phones. MRI imaging is longer than CT scan, which lasts about 15 to 45 minutes, during which the patient must be motionless and be sure that the relevant expert can see him and hear his voice, so there is no need to worry.

    CT scan or tomography is one of the advanced medical imaging methods with the help of X-rays, which is the second best in comparison with radiology. It helps the most by examining the lesions of the body’s movement system, especially the bones. It allows us to closely examine the inside of the body. To perform the CT scan process, the patient lies on the bed of the machine and enters a ring-shaped object with the help of the bed. The time to perform the imaging is very short.

    Our Specialists

    The Medical Team of Rasa Center

    Board Certification in Radiotherapy and Oncology
    Radiotherapy and Oncology
    Board Certification in Oncology and Radiotherapy
    Oncology and Radiotherapy
    Our Mission

    The Organizational Mission of Rasa Center

    Given that the growth rate of cancer in Iran is much higher than in other countries in the world and the facilities currently available in Isfahan province are not responsive to cancer patients. The founders of this center have tried their best in order to make the healing process of the patients in Isfahan province and neighboring provinces much easier and respond to the needs of their compatriots with the help of advanced and updated devices.

    Our Facilities

    Features of Rasa Integrated Therapy Center

    The special features of Rasa Center in terms of architecture, establishing an area, organizational culture, up-to-date medical equipment, and the presence of specialists and skilled doctors have built exceptional competitive advantages that preserve human dignity and provide the best services to our dear compatriots. The reason why they choose Rasa Center is that they deserve the best.

    Our advantages

    Why choose the Rasa Center?

    In architecture and decoration, we have used relaxing and energetic Iranian-Islamic designs to enhance the level of morale and energy of the people and induce a sense of peace and health and reduce the tension of treatment. There are 3000 natural flower vases and water pots in this complex that has multiplied the sense of relaxation. There are all facilities for cancer treatment and other diseases for patients in this complex so, they do not need to go out of the center for this matter.

    Our Services

    We can help you

    Rasa Center in Shahrak-E Salamat (the Town of Health) of Isfahan is the largest and most advanced integrated cancer diagnostic and treatment center in the country, in addition to compensate for the shortage of the province in radiotherapy, it also has the capacity to accept patients from other provinces and countries.

    Feel the difference

    The benefits of Rasa Center

    Space Design

    In the construction and design of this center, all specialized departments are provided comprehensively, and the parking space on each floor has been designated separately for the comfort of patients and their companions; they can also use the parking lot free of charge. There are separate entrances for patients, there is also an entrance just for the children in order not to affect their mood.

    Relaxing Atmosphere

    Its architecture and decoration uses Iranian-Islamic designs that are relaxing and energetic. And enhances the level of morale and energy of the people and induces a sense of peace and health and reduces the tension of treatment. There are 3000 natural flower vases and also water ponds in this complex that has doubled the sense of relaxation. There are all facilities for cancer treatment and other diseases for patients in this complex so, they do not need to go out of the center for this matter.

    Easy Access

    It is worth mentioning that it takes only 15 minutes for patients to reach Shahrak-E Salamat of Isafahan (the town of health) from every spot of the city through highways.

    Our skills


    94 %
    Treatment Planning
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    98 %

    Modern Equipment

    Using super-advanced devices to diagnose and treat disease.

    Welfare Facilities

    Relaxing and energetic architecture using flower vases and water ponds.

    Professional Doctors

    Oncology specialists are gathered together to provide the best services to patients.

    Special Attention to Children

    We have considered a space for children in order to reduce their stress.

    Professional Doctors

    Our specialized staff is seeking to improve the quality of patient treatment as much as possible.

    Specialized Laboratory

    The Rasa Center has entered into an agreement with one of the most equipped laboratories in the country with an area of 4000 square meters called Melal.

    Children's Care

    A special space is designed and implemented for entertainment and stress reduction.