THE History of cancer in the world

According to international statistics, cancer has the highest number of incurable diseases and also the highest number of deaths in the world. In 2012, about 14 million new cancer cases were found from all over the world, of which about 8.5 million cancer-related deaths were reported. According to the studies, it is predicted to increase the number of cancer cases to 70% in the world in the next two decades.

The most malignance cancer cases founded in the world were lung, prostate, colon, stomach and liver for men and the most malignance women cases were breast, colon, lung, abdomen and cervix.

Each year, more than 60% of new cancer cases are recorded in Africa, Asia and South Central America, although nearly 70% of cancer deaths are also reported from them.

According to international statistics, the rate of cancer in Iran is slightly lower than the world average. However, since the lack of new treatment facilities and global growth of cancer rate, it is necessary to create the necessary infrastructure and make decisions to plan for advanced and effective treatments in cancer.

Rasa diagnosis and treatment center

Rasa Diagnostic Center is a specialized cancer treatment center and the largest and most equipped cancer diagnosis and treatment center in Iran which is located on two levels in Isfahan Shahrak Salamat zone in a space of 12,000 square meters. This center, in addition to compensate the shortage of radiation therapy of Esfahan, tries to make the possibility for patients from other provinces and even neighboring countries to receive their required treatment facilities.

The presence of best oncology and radiotherapy specialists and medical physics engineers, in addition to utilizing most advanced and up-to-date radiation therapy and imaging devices in a unique size and architecture building, made it one of the best medical center in the country.

In order to equipping and completion of the center, five radiation therapy devices and one Cyber-Knife device for brachy-therapy are added to the center. Also, with the purpose of expansion the nuclear medicine section, it will be equipped with a Spect device and a Pet scan device which all needed licenses have been received and in a very near future are ready to use. Beside all, due to preparation of special infrastructure and location, a new Selectron device will installed and operated in the nuclear medicine department in the near future.

Beside all current available devices such as mammography, ultrasound, CT simulator, and radiology in the imaging department of the center, to expand their services the center will be equipped with some new modern devices such as MRI, CT scan, fluoroscopy and radiology devices, and bone density measurement devices in near future.

Our specialties

Rasa medical center services

Benefiting of the best oncology and radiotherapy specialists as well as best medical physics engineers beside utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date radiation therapy and imaging devices in a various specialized departments located in wide and unique architecture, make Rasa Center distinguished from all other centers in Iran.


Treatment using substances that intensify the effect of radiation at the tumor site

Treatment design

Planning for the treatment design in the manner of modern radiotherapy centers in the world


Chemotherapy in the suitable place with relaxing design and proper air conditioning


Including CT scan, mammography, MIR, bone density, OPG

Nuclear medicine

 The information about the body organs function is received and collected through rays


They are radioactive products which used in medicine to diagnose and treat diseases

Our special features

Our special features

The special features of Rasa Center in terms of architecture, location, organizational culture, up-to-date medical equipment and the presence of expert and proficient doctors have created special competitive advantages in Rasa Medical Center, all in order to maintaining human dignity and providing the best services to our dear fellow citizens and compatriots. They deserve the best, that’s why they choose Rasa Center for their treatment.

Modern equipment

Using advanced and high-tech devices for disease diagnosis and treatment

Welfare amenities

Relaxing and energizing architecture by using plant pots and water pond

Expert Doctors

A gathering of oncology specialists in order to provide best services for our patients

Special attention to children

Considering a dedicated section for children to reduce stress

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