The radiation therapy department of Rahjoyan Salamat Center

In Isfahan Shahrak Salamat zone, there are 36 specialized medical clinics in different treatment areas, but Rasa has a special internal contract to identify, screen, treat, and follow up on the condition of all cancer patients. It is hope to use the situation to plan a complete and suitable project for screening and pre-diagnosing cancers before it’s outbreak, which is also desired by the World Health Organization.

Also, based on the plan, the patients who are referred to the center for treatment, in addition to the supervision of the oncology specialist, and in order to follow up and help to get to the best result of treatments, some other specialists of relevant clinic will enter to the treatment processes.

Anticipated treatments in the radiation therapy department of Rasa Center
  • 3 D Conformal Therapy with MLC  

  • Highly controlled radiation therapy-IMRT

  • Image guide therapy-IGRT

  • Treatment using substances that intensify the effect of radiation at the tumor site-RDT

  • Treatment of small tumors (1 to 2 mm) in the brain during one to five treatment sessions-SRS

  • Treatment of small tumors in different parts of body such as lung and spine-SBRT

  • Using whole body treatment technique to sterilize and prepare for bone marrow transplant-TBI

  • Treatment of the whole body skin with electron beams in order to treat skin cancer-TBEI

  • Using radioactive sources near or inside the body cavities in order to irradiate a limited space with a high dose-BRACHYTHERAPY

The section created in Rasa Diagnostic Center
  • Bunker for installing a high-energy linear accelerator capable of producing photon and electron beams in the range of 6 to 25 million electron volts and has MLC and Portal image.

  • A bunker to install a cyber-knife device

  • A bunker to install a brachytherapy device-high dose rate

  • A room for installing CT Simulator

  • The space of treatment design rooms

  • Physicist room space

  • Physics and molding workshop space

  • Diagnostic space for two MRI machines, one CT scan machine and digital radiology machines

  • Re-surgery rooms to perform intonational radiology

  • Official departments and private research center

What is external radiation therapy?

External beam radiation therapy is one of the most common cancer treatment methods that can be used alone or in combination with other treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy. The reason why this type of radiation therapy is called external radiation therapy is that radiation is irradiated to the cancerous tissue from a device from outside the body. For this purpose, a device is used to deliver energy (gamma or X-rays or accelerated particles) to attack cancer cells and tissues. The aim of this treatment is to kill or destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Radiation therapy may have side effects, but these side effects are different for different people and depend on the type of radiation, their amount, the treated part of the body and the general health of the person. There is no way to accurately predict the side effects of radiation therapy on a person. Maybe one person has very limited side effects but another person has many and difficult problems.

In Isfahan Rahjoyan Salamat Center, external radiotherapy is provided to the patients through the following method.

3D adaptive radiation therapy-3DCRT

In three-dimensional adaptive treatment, according to the anatomical information of the patient, the treatment field is adapted to the treated parts as much as possible, and as a result, the dose is delivered to the target organ more accurately and adequately, and the dose received by healthy organs will be reduced.

In the near future, intensity variable radiation therapy (IMRT) will also be performed.