Cyber Knife section

Cyber knife is a method of radiation therapy that was founded by Dr. John R. Adler, professor of neurosurgery and radiation therapy at Stanford University, and Peter and Russell Schoenberg of the Schoenberg Research Company. In this method, of course, there is no real knife, but the irradiated beam like a precise and painless knife without the need for anesthesia limits the life of cancer cells.

The Cyber Knife device moves with the patient’s breath and target cancerous tumors with much higher precision than other methods and less amount of damage to healthy tissues.

This device is actually a compact linear accelerator mounted on a robotic arm. Using a robotic arm, Cyber Knife transmits multiple beams of high-dose radiation from different angles.

During the operation of this device, cameras equipped with X-rays monitor the patient’s breathing and adjust the direction of radiotherapy rays to minimize damaging healthy tissues.

The high precision of this device facilitates the treatment of cancerous tumors that are located in sensitive parts of the body such as the spinal cord or that are difficult to access.

Cyber knife is the latest radiosurgery technology in the world that can treat many cancerous tumors in different parts of the body.

Utilizing this technology, many cancerous tumors located in parts cannot be reached by surgeons or in very sensitive areas such as the brain stem, spinal cord, pancreas, lungs, etc. have been treated.