Treatment design department

This group and its affiliated companies have a long history in the processes related to radiation therapy centers, and so, this group, in addition to cooperation with consultants and experts with abroad experience, benefits from the presence of best Iranian medical physics experts.

Based on the modern radiation therapy methods, in order to reach the best result, the treatment design department has been done in the form of team works, so that each team includes oncology specialists, radiologists, general physicians to check the patient’s condition during the treatment, and medical physics experts who consult the specialist doctor.

At the beginning of the center, six treatment teams are considered to carry out treatment design processes which operate based on the pre-written treatment protocols of the center adapted from the protocols of advanced centers in the world. The process of designing starts from patient’s visit and initial diagnostic procedures and continues until the end of the treatment period.

Due to dependence of this process on accurate design and calculation, it is considered to install one of the best software in the world with all installation required facilities in Rasa.

One of the most important steps in designing a patient’s treatment, which can have a significant impact on successful treatment is to accurately determine the initial location of the lesion and simulate the treatment by means. Classically, a CT scan with a large aperture is a suitable modality to do this.

But through advancement of computing techniques, the use of more accurate diagnostic methods such as MRI and PET as a complementary marking method has become common in the world.

According to future design of this center, in addition to predict the installation of a Big Bore CT scan machine, for the first time in the country, MRI-RT machine will also be used in treatment design. Due to the capabilities of imaging method with MRI in identifying and marking tumor location, it can help to increase the accuracy of radio therapy treatment up to 40% of cancer tumors.

Also, the use of PET method images and comparison with CT scan or MRI images can be helpful in diagnosing the accurate part for treatment. The use of PET as a complementary method of marking the location of a cancerous lesion in the patient’s body is considered one of the requirements for performing advanced treatments.

Diagnostic procedures

According to the studies conducted by the World Health Organization, timely and early diagnosis of cancer is one of the most important solutions for cancer treatment and due to the existing expert staff, all diagnostic modalities including CT scan, MRI, digital radiology and ultrasound in their most advanced state are prepared. Also, the nuclear medicine department and PET scan with the design of a complete set of radiopharmaceutical production are part of valuable diagnostic techniques. A modern and advanced laboratory has been planned and is being equipped in Shahrak Salamat to perform relevant tests, which can complete the diagnostic cycle.

Complementary therapeutic activities

One of the most important parts of the cancer treatment cycle is the surgical and hospitalization department, which is planned in the design of the hospital with 1000 beds, 10 super-specialized surgery rooms and about 100 inpatient beds and some ICU beds for surgery on cancer patients. Also, the chemotherapy department has been built with facilities to reach the most effective medicine for the patient with 40 beds in a suitable space.

In Rasa medical center, according to the capacity available in the Shahrak Salamat zone, utilizing numerous nutritional and psychological services have been provided for cancer patients.


Private research center

Considering the requirements of research processes in treatment, this group has registered a private research center, which, in addition to recruiting assistants and academic staff, has taken steps to obtain approvals and accreditation of the center based on the standards of major international institutions.

The actions of Rasa Cancer Research Center can be summarized in the following points:

  • Cooperation with academic staff to carry out treatment and research regarding the improvement the quality of treatment

  • Recruiting assistants for training (procedures for obtaining the license are in progress)

  • Investigating and localizing the best methods, trends and processes of the most noted centers in the world

  • Obtaining standards and certificates based on the standards of international institutions in order to accreditation Rasa medical center